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Top Tips

  1. Have an idea of the Quantity of material that you will require before ordering it.

    To do this measure Length x Width x Depth in metres or cms to convert area to cubic metres and then into tonnes

  2. Conversions are as follows:

    For Shingles / Gravels / Clean stone - 1 cubic metre = 1.3 tonnes

    For Scalpings / Sands / Stone-Dust - 1 cubic metre = 1.8 tonnes

  3. Different names for same products:

    Gravels can mean shingles or chippings and are used for drainage or decoratively.

    Ballast can mean 20>Dust / 14>Dust and is used for different types of concrete.

    Sharp Sand is the same as Flooring grit / Coarse sand / Paving sand they have different grades of coarsness.

    Dust means very fine aggregate of varying coarsness for rendering / plastering.

  4. Standard concrete mix ratio is 1 shovel of cement : 5 shovels of sand / aggregate, add more cement for a stronger mix. 1 tonne bag of sand / aggregate needs 6 bags cement 7 bags of cement.

  5. Order early to get the delivery when you want it. When ordering make max use
    of space available on delivery lorry.